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SoxAudioFileType Enumeration
Sox audio file types

Namespace: Alvas.Audio
Assembly: Alvas.Audio (in Alvas.Audio.dll) Version: 2016.0.6173.41573
public enum SoxAudioFileType
  Member nameValueDescription
Aifc0 AIFF-C (not compressed)
Aiff1 AIFF files
Au2 PCM file format used widely on Sun systems
Hcom3 Mac FSSD files with Huffman compression
Voc4 Creative Technology Sound Blaster format
Wav5 Microsoft audio format
Gsm6 GSM 06.10 (full-rate) lossy speech compression
Lpc107 Low bandwidth, robotic sounding speech compression
Ogg8's ogg-vorbis lossy compression
Wv9 WavPack lossless, lossy, and hybrid audio compression
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