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Alvas.Net announces the new product for .NET Core 3.0 for Windows: Alvas.Audio.Core v2019.0.

Alvas.Audio.Core for .NET Core 3.0 for Windows is 100% CLR compliant and written in pure C#.

Audio is an integral part of many software applications. Alvas.Audio.Core from Alvas.NET enables developers to add audio capabilities to different .NET Core 3.0 applications:
  • play, record and convert uncompressed or compressed audio data;
  • pause and resume playback or recording;
  • record and play data to or from the stream;
  • play mixed audio data;
  • get the current sound position;
  • view the level of the input sound signal;
  • get the format list for specified WaveFormat;
  • get audio stream duration in milliseconds;
  • change Wave stream to MP3 stream if the former contains "MPEG Layer 3" data;
  • play, record and convert RAW headerless format (SLINEAR etc);
  • play and extract audio data from Avi streams;
  • encode and decode Dialogic .vox (adpcm) format data.
  • convert audio wave stream to mp3 stream
  • convert Dialogic .vox (adpcm) stream to Mp3 stream
  • insert and mix audio data into main audio data with specified offset multiple times
  • split stereo audio stream to two mono streams
  • merge 2 audio mono into one stereo
  • reverse audio wave stream

What's new in version 2019.0?

Alvas.Audio.Core for .NET Core 3.0 capabilities already are almost identical to the capabilities of the good old Alvas.Audio for .NET framework.

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